Our Services

Soil Cycle Environmental specializes in agricultural, residential, commercial, and industrial site alterations and developments. We offer excellent services in soil management with superior knowledge and permitted site alterations and building pad development throughout the Greater Toronto & Hamilton Area.

Soil Management

Providing safe, clean, quick, and efficient disposal for excess soil. In Ontario, 25 million cubic metres are generated annually. With the increase in demand and the cost of construction rising, it is important to have quick and efficient disposal sites in accordance with the 406/19 regulations.

Whether your site is at a surplus of deficit, large or small, we can service your project.

Bulk Excavation

Excavation, moving, or adding mass amounts of soil or rock for the purpose of achieving the proper elevations. Understanding the soils physical and chemical characteristics plays a vital role in the economic efficiency when disposing of soil.

Site Alteration Permits

There are many challenges with soil management, particularly in the farming community, especially when farms accept fill. Illegal dumpsites across the Greater Toronto Hamilton Area have led to new legislation to protect our farmers, communities, environment, and ecosystems.

In addition, in most cases, fill operations have had no permits and no knowledge of soil analysis and soil characteristics. Fill operations have interfered with the natural water systems, blocked drainage, contaminated groundwater, and damaged the integrity of the land with soil unsuitable for agricultural use.

We provide the landowners with our environmental team for permitting, consulting, and soil analysis. We provide the haulage, soil management, soil tracking, site management, heavy equipment, and complete site grading.

If you want your project completed correctly, with no concerns of pollution, please give us a call today and schedule a site visit.

Quarry Rehabilitation

There are many challenges with rehabilitating pits and quarries under the Aggregate Resource Act (ARA). In conjunction with the new 406/19 soil regulations, many aggregate producers struggle with where to begin. Our systems will enhance the clarity and bring a level of finality to your rehabilitation plan. Whether your rehabilitation plan is for an agricultural facility, golf course, or for urban development, we can facilitate your project. Our goal is to ensure that the soil is well placed, the origin and quality is known, and there are no contamination issues.

Engineered Building Pads

Engineered fill placed and compacted must meet the engineers' requirements for the intended use. There are many important factors to consider. Permeability, plasticity, moisture content, placement, and lift thickness prior to placement and compaction are all paramount for a successful long lasting building pad.